Uploading map imagery

Coreo allows you to upload GeoTiffs for use with your maps. This might be useful where you want to use specific imagery for sites including high resolution or precisely dated imagery.

Uploading your image

  • First, navigate to the project you want to import imagery for.
  • Navigate to the Configuration menu and select the Map Builder option from the menu.
Map config

When you first arrive in the Map Builder you’ll see a globe view of the world map on the right, and any existing layers you have on the left.

Map config
  • In the Other Layers section select the “Add new layer” + icon

Add new layer.

  • In the Layer Name box type a name for your map image.
  • In the Layer Type box choose Raster Image.

You’ll see a warning message stating the image must be a GeoTIFF in EPSG:4326 (WGS 84) projection and that image data will be automatically resized to a maximum width and/or height of 4096 pixels.


  • Using the Upload GeoTiff button navigate to your file and upload it.
  • The dialogue box will now show you a preview of your image.
  • Select the Create Layer button.
Upload complete

Your image will now appear in the Other Layers panel.

  • Making sure that your map image is selected and that “Initially visible” is checked, select the Zoom to layer icon to see your image presented on the map.
zoom to layer
final map

Viewing your map image in the Coreo app

  • Making sure that you are in the relevant project in Coreo, sync your project, using the icon highlighted below, to pull down any pending changes from the server.
sync changes
  • Using the Layer Switcher icon, view the layers in your project.
Layer switcher
  • Scroll to the bottom of the window until you see the Map Layers section.
  • Make sure that your new map image layer is set to be visible.
Layer visible
  • Tap back onto the map to dismiss the Layer Switcher and navigate to your new map image.
Final map view
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