Introducing the Map Builder

Coreo’s Map Builder gives you control over how data from your project’s form layers is presented within the Coreo App, and also gives you the option to add additional layers with custom map imagery or add any other geospatial objects such as borders for your survey areas.

To access the Map Builder:

  • Select your project and navigate to the Configuration menu using the side panel or breadcrumb trail at the top of your screen.
  • Select the Map Builder option from the menu.
Map config

Modifying form layers

When you first arrive in the Map Builder you’ll see a globe view of the world map on the right and any layers you have to apply a style to on the left.

Map config

You can change the layer properties individually for each layer, and the options available will change depending on the features available, so for example if you record points on your survey for location/geometry, you will not get the option to change the properties for linestrings or polygons.

Taking a simple example, let’s assume you want to change the colour for Points on your map. In the image below, you can see we have one form layer called ‘Site’ with just Point available to edit. Currently points are set to be red.


We want to change these to be yellow with a blue border instead.

  • Choose the “Primary color” swatch to select the base colour for your layer. In this example we have selected yellow. You can see that this also changes the point on the map for a real-time preview of how this will appear.
  • Now select the border colour you’d like. We’ll choose a dark blue to contrast.
  • You can increase the Border Width if you would like to make your point border more obvious, or change the Opacity of either the point or the border if you would like layers beneath to show through at some level.
  • The same editing process applies to LineStrings and Polygons, although different parameters will apply as appropriate to the shape.
  • Use the Save Changes button to save your edits.

Adding additional layers

Coreo supports the addition of multiple additional layers to your map view, including HeatmapsRaster images and Shapefiles.

To add additional layers, in the Other Layers section select the “Add new layer” + icon:

Individual guides are available describing in detail how to add each of the different types of additional layer:

Other options

Real and test data

If you are setting up your map layers before you have any data submitted to your project, you can use the Test Data switch to show you how a point, a linestring and a polygon will be rendered on your map.

Simply select Test Data with the selector at the top-left of the map screen in the Map Builder:


Setting layer visibility

You may wish to provide multiple optional layers to your project in the app, but not wish them to all be visible by default. To change a layer’s visibility, simply select the layer you want to affect, and then toggle the Initially Visible? checkbox to determine it’s default state in the app.


Viewing your changes in the Coreo app

To view your Map Builder changes in the Coreo app, visit the relevant project and select the Layer Switcher icon.

Layer switcher
  • Scroll to the bottom of the window until you see the Map Layers section.
  • Toggle the required layer to be visible so the eye icon is no longer crossed out.

Resetting app layers to default

If you’ve been making changes to the various form layer visibility and order in the app, you might want to reset it to the default as defined in the Coreo admin area. To do so, simply select the three-dots next to the Form Layers and select ‘Restore layer settings‘.

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