Cloning Projects in Coreo

There might be occasions where you will want to copy projects you have created. You might want to do this for a number of reasons including:

  • Keeping data for individual clients separate from other projects
  • Creating variants of a survey
  • Grouping multiple surveys into a ‘super-project’.

We’ll look at how you can do this in Coreo.

Clone feature permissions

The Clone feature is available to anyone with Admin permissions on the Organisation. If you don’t have Admin permissions, speak with your Organisation administrator.

Locating the Clone feature

The Clone feature can be found in the Configuration page for the project you want to copy.

  • Navigate to the project you wish to copy
  • Go to the Configuration page
  • Select Project Settings in the General Settings section.
  • Select the Clone Project button
Clone button

Clone options and process

There are two options for cloning a project:

  1. Create a new project
  2. Copy into an existing project
Clone options

We’ll look at both options, starting with creating a new project.

Create a new project

  • Select the Create a new project option
  • You’ll then be prompted to give the new project a name
Clone name
  • Select the Copy Project button

Once you’ve created your new project you’ll see a ‘toast’ or notification which will contain a link to take you to your new project.


Copy into an existing project

Copy into an existing project allows you to group surveys together into one master project. You must already have a project into which you wish to copy the current project.

  • Navigate to the project you wish to copy
  • Go to the Configuration page
  • Select the Clone Project button
Clone button
  • From the Clone project dialogue, select “Copy into an existing project”
Clone options
  • In the Project field, begin typing the name of the destination project. Select this from the resulting list and then select the Copy Project button.
Clone options
  • Once completed, you’ll see a notification with a link to the project.

Note on copying into another project

When copying a project into another, you are effectively copying the forms and collections across. There is no grouping of these forms and collections in the destination project. Therefore, it’s important to clearly name the forms within the project you are copying. It is good practice to name them starting with the survey name then a description of the form, as shown in the example below.

Form naming
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