Create a collection by uploading a .csv file

Creating a collection via a .csv file is one of the easiest and most convenient methods of creating a collection.

The csv file

It’s essential to structure your spreadsheet correctly. When using a spreadsheet to build a collection the rows represent your collection items and the columns represent attributes of each item.

It is critical to ensure that you include both a ‘key‘ and ‘value‘ column. This is the minimum you must include.

  1. The key is a unique id given to each item in the collection.
  2. The value is usually the human readable label of the item.

Each attribute of a collection occupies a column of your spreadsheet, with a header row as shown below. There must be one column with the field type = key and one with field type = value.

Keys can be in any case and can include spaces, numbers and characters, such as hyphens. In the image below, each entry in Column A shows a valid way to enter a key value.


Column C shows an additional attribute we have added to our items. You can have any number of additional attributes.

Formatting text in a .csv file

Within a .csv file you can use Markdown to format your text. Markdown is a lightweight and easy-to-use syntax for styling text on the web. Coreo will respect this formatting when displaying your items in Collection pages (these are used to create reference guides).

There’s a good guide to using Markdown here

Here’s an example of using Markdown in a .csv file and how it will render within a Collection page:


Saving your spreadsheet

Remember to save your spreadsheet as in .csv format. Proprietary formats like .xlsx won’t work.

Importing your collection

  • In your project, choose Configuration from the menu and then select Collections in the Data Recording section.
  • Click on New Collection
  • Choose From CSV
  • Give your collection a logical name and then navigate to the location of your .csv file. Click the [Create] button to complete the import of your data.

You should now see your collection appear in Coreo.


Adding Media to an Item

If you are intending to build a reference guide from your collection you might wish to add images and/or audio files to the items within it. To do this, follow the instructions below:

  • Select the first item in your collection by clicking on it. This will launch the detailed view of the item. In this view you can edit fields in-situ.
  • Select the Add Media button and then navigate to the folder containing the media that you’d like to attach.
  • Select any images and/or audio files to import them

You can change the order of images by dragging and dropping any image to a new position.


Note that your media are saved to items automatically, so there is no ‘Save’ button.

  • Use the breadcrumb trail at the top left of the item block to navigate back to the collection summary.
  • Now upload the media for the remaining items in your collection.
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