Combining exported data

When you have multiple forms in a Coreo project, your exported data will contain a file for each form.

Where you have sub-forms in your project, for example a form for collecting survey site information with geospatial data, and then a sub-form for collecting species information observed at that site, this will be exported as two separate files – one for each form.

You might want to reconcile these two sets of data together, so that you have a single file containing both site and species information.

This reconciliation can be handled in a number of ways, and in this guide we will give you some examples in a few third-party applications which should help you understand how you might do this with more complex sets of data as the principles should be scalable.

The example applications are:

  • Microsoft Excel
  • AirTable

We’ll continue the premise of having two forms, one a sub-form of the other. The ‘parent’ form will record site information, and include geospatial location. The ‘child’ form will contain one or more species records, and not itself include any geospatial data. Our aim is to create a set of data which includes the species data and the geospatial data from the site records.

Project configuration

Species records form

In this form we have three questions:

  • Species identified
  • Photo of species
  • Species notes

Site form

In this form, we have four questions:

  • Location
  • Photo of the site
  • Site Notes
  • Species subform

It is the last one here which is important, as this includes the ‘Species records’ form as a sub-form of the Site form.


Take note of the Export Label here, as this will be used to link the records together when we import these into our third-party application.

Export all your records for both forms (see Exporting Records), and we’ll now look how to use these in the applications.

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