Structuring your surveys in Coreo

One of the most common questions we get asked is how to best organise surveys in Coreo. Should all your surveys go into one Project, or should they split across multiple Projects? This ‘how to’ guide explores this topic.

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When it comes to deciding how to structure your surveys in Coreo it pays to think about how you want to organise your data and how you want your records to appear. Let’s have a look at the ways in which these elements interact.

When you start using Coreo, an Organisation will be created under which all of your Projects will be created.


Properties of Projects

Each Project:

  1. can have its own set of users, each with different permissions. You can add Janet as a project Admin but not invite Paul (Paul won’t see this Project in his Coreo app, nor will he be able to see the Project’s records when he logs into the Coreo Admin Area). A third colleague, Chris, might be a Member of the Projet. As such, he is only able to submit records via the app and to view them in the Admin Area, but he can’t edit them. If all of your surveys are under one master project you can’t limit who has access to them in quite such a granular way. Anyone needing access to one survey in the master project necessarily gains access to all surveys, since the permissions are controlled at the project level.
  2. will display all of its records on the Coreo app in both Map and List views. It is possible to toggle on or off the visibility of each form in a project, but if there are cases where someone in the organisation shouldn’t see/have access to certain data then it’s necessary to have these data in different projects (since permissions are controlled at the project level, as described in point 1).
  3. can have one or many forms – these may or may not be linked to one another.
  4. shares a common set of Collections, Pages, custom map layers etc.

Other elements, such as styling and record status labels (typically used for QA purposes) are also defined at the Project level.

Should I avoid putting unrelated forms under the same Project?

Not necessarily. That decision largely hinges on whether the points above will impact your surveys.

Several reasons that you might want to put multiple, distinct surveys into one Project are:

  1. Users only need to download one project to obtain all of the surveys, minimising the risk of turning up to a site without the relevant forms.
  2. You can more easily organise your surveys by job number. Many consultancies organise their surveys this way and by creating one master project you can then easily clone it per client.
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