Project Roles

Project Member

Members are the basic users of a project. Project members may submit data to a project and also view project records in the Coreo app. They do not have access to the Coreo Admin Area.

Project Moderator

Project Moderators are able to manage records submitted to the project via the Coreo app; they do this in the Coreo Admin Area.

Moderators are able to:

  • view and edit records
  • as well as tag them (mainly used to help you QA records)
  • generate exports of all the records belonging to a project (however, all user information aside from the user identifier, will be omitted).
  • view and submit records via the Coreo App.

Project Admin

Admins have all the permissions of a Moderator, but in addition they have full control over the project structure allowing them to:

  • create, update and delete:
    • forms
    • pages
    • record statuses and
    • collections
  • update the project’s appearance and details
  • manage users of a project by:
    • adding or removing users from a project
    • managing the roles of these users
  • export all records including all user information.

Project Contributor

A project Contributor is a user who has the ability to submit records to a project using the Coreo App, but does not belong to that project’s organisation.

Contributors are not invited, instead anyone can join using the contributor project’s shareable link or QR code. You only get access to a contributor link under a specific Contributor licence, please contact us if you’d like to arrange this.

Project Contributors do not have to be an organisation member, and hence will not count as a seat on an organisation.

Project archived member

An archived member of a project is a user who has submitted at least one record to a project but is no longer a project member, moderator or admin; i.e. a Project Admin has removed them from the project. They remain on the project as an ‘archived member’ so that their information and record(s) are not lost.

As project archived members are not members of the organisation, they do not count as a seat on an organisation.

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