Key Concepts

While an organisation is your hub in Coreo, it is with projects that the actual work is done.

Projects are where you build your surveys using Coreo’s simple no-code tools from of a combination of any of the following:

Your finished project can then be deployed to the Coreo App for data collection, with the submitted records available immediately within your project for analysis within Coreo itself, or for exporting data for use in specialist applications.

You can work on projects on your own, or invite other members of your organisation to work with you by giving them access to your project within Coreo.

Projects can easily be cloned to new or existing projects within your organisation to save time recreating new forms from scratch.

All tiers above the Starter tier allow unlimited projects.


In this example you can see the main project screen for the ‘Coreo Demo’ project. From here you can manage all aspects of your project from building, configuring and viewing records.

Projects example

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