Key Concepts

Coreo supports the inclusion of media (images or audio) for use in an app. Media can be used to create visually appealing select lists, to create reference guides and for enhancing other types of pages.

Adding Media

Standard pages

If adding media to standard pages you will use the WYSIWYG page editor to place the image/s where you would like them.


You can add images and audio files to items within a collection. You will want to do this when creating reference guides and image support select lists. Each item has a Media section. Simply select the + icon and upload the images you need.

Adding media

You can drag and drop the items to reorder them within the media section. This will reflect the order they appear in the app.

Adding captions and deleting images

Captions can be added to media items by clicking on the name of the media item and entering text into the Caption/Description box. Captions will be used to annotate displayed media. You can also delete an image from an item in this dialogue box.

Adding captions
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