Key Concepts

In Coreo, forms comprise one or more questions. It’s easy to build a form by dragging question blocks into the form builder. There is a wide range of question types you can add in Coreo and each one has a set of properties (fields) that you can, or must, fill out. Any mandatory fields are clearly marked with an asterisk. Each question’s fields are organised under certain headings for convenience.

General fields

Each question type in Coreo has a set of common fields:

Question – This field is for adding the text you want to show in the form for any question e.g. “Plane type (if identifiable)”

Answer label – This is the label Coreo will store the sumbitted data under. You will see this label used in the Coreo Admin Area and in records shown on a map or in a Coreo table. They are intended for anyone looking at the data and should, therefore, ideally be brief but clear/self explanatory.

In our example an appropriate answer label would be e.g. “Plane type”. Another example might be for the question ‘How many birds have you seen?’. An appropriate label would be ‘Number of birds’.

Description – This field allows you to add more context to a question than is possible with the ‘Question’ label alone. E.g. “Plane type is useful but not critical – do your best!”

Export Label – This field is for specifying the label to be used when exporting your data. As an example, export labels become the column headings your data appear under when you export as a .csv file. They are intended for the data user.

Question type specific options

Each question type has its own options. For example, a location question type allows you to choose what type of geometry (point, line, polygon) and base map to use.


Should your question be mandatory or optional? Is this question one that is required in the data but should always be hidden from the user of the app?


Coreo allows you to hide questions until one or several conditions have been met. For example, your app might be for recording vehicle types observed on a road. You might want a different set of options (e.g. make and model) to appear based on whether the user selects “Car” or “Lorry”. Only non-mandatory questions can have conditions added to them.

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