Record Status Settings

Key Concepts

The record Status feature allows for the categorisation and management of records. If Status is enabled for a project, each record belonging to that project can be flagged with a single status. The status labels, and how many there are, can be customised for each app.

Enabling Record Status

To enable record status on a project, go to Record Status Settings in the Project section and make sure the toggle is set to enabled (top right-hand corner).

Enabling Record Status

Managing Status Labels

To manage status labels go to Record Status Settings. By default Coreo provides 6 labels. These can be deleted or modified as required.

Default State

When a record is submitted, it will be assigned the default status label. A project must always have a default status label, and it cannot have more than one. If a status label which is in use is deleted, all records with the deleted status label will be assigned this default status label.

Verified State

Status labels can be assigned a verified state, to indicate confidence in the data. Several page blocks take advantage of this, displaying only records which have been assigned a status marked with ‘verified’. A project may have multiple verified states, and the default state can also be a verified state.


Status labels are displayed in the Coreo admin area with different colours for easier viewing. This colour can be changed for ease of use (green for verified states etc).

Assigning a Status Label to Records

Records can be assigned a status label in a number of places and ways within the Records Explorer page.

Assigning status to a single record

If a record has a geometry it can be given a status label in the pop-up on the map

Assigning a status label to a single record

You can also assign a status label in the record’s detail page

Assigning a status label in the details page

Assigning a status to multiple records

If you have a number of records you wish to assign a particular status label to simultaneously you can do this by first selecting the relevant records (e.g. by running a filter) and then selecting Edit > Update Status > All Matching Records

Assigning a status label to multiple records
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