Key Concepts

Forms specify what data you can record via your app.

Creating a form

To create a form, on the dashboard go to the Configuration menu. In the Data Recording section choose Forms. The only information needed to create a form is a name.


Forms are comprised of several different types of questions.

Text can be added between questions to add context and instructions. This text can be formatted using the word processing features provided.


Questions can be divided into sections. This can be achieved by clicking Add Section Divider when a cursor is between two questions. Questions in different sections will be displayed on separate (but sequential) pages in your app’s form.

Linking forms

If you have more than one form in your app then these can be linked together by the use of the ‘Sub-form’ question. This allows you to effectively ‘nest’ forms. You can also link from one form to the records collected by another. You can do this using a ‘Lookup’ question type.

Adding a form to your project

Forms are added automatically into your project if they are flagged as ‘visible’ in the form settings. If you are using the Custom page template you can also add a form link to a page directly.

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