Key Concepts

Pages in a Coreo app equate to pages in any other app or website – they are areas in which you can present information and even include reference guides in your projects.

Adding a page

Building a page in Coreo is a simple process of using one of the provided templates.

Add a page

1. The Custom page template

The Custom template provides you with a WYSIWYG page builder tool. Simply click and type and then format your text. You can also add images or links to forms and other pages.

2. The Collection page template

The Collection template gives you a very simple, quick way of building reference guides from an existing collection. Specify the layout and information you want to include within the template and Coreo will do the rest.

3. The Map page template

The Map template allows you to add a page based on a custom map. This might show the boundary of a site of interest (e.g. a nature reserve) for example.

Page Layout

The image below shows a preview of the WYSIWYG page editor. We go through each page type in more detail in the How To guide section.

WYSIWYG page editor

Page Settings

The Page Settings section is where the title, visibility and icons for your pages are configured. See below for details of the different components:

Page Title

This is the name of your page. This will appear at the top of your page and in navigation, where applicable.


An Icon can be set for a page. This is used in your project’s menu and serves as a good visual indicator of a page’s purpose.


Access to pages may be constrained to users of certain levels on a project. This allows an app to exclusively display pages featuring different content to project members, moderators and admins. By default pages can be viewed by anyone, even if they are not logged in.


A checkbox allows you to select if a page is to be visible or not. This allows pages to be fully completed before being made live, or added at a relevant time for the project.


Pages may be listed or unlisted. If a page is unlisted, it will not be present in the menu.

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