Installing a Project in the Coreo App

If you have been invited to one or more Projects, or have one that you have created it’s easy to install them in the Coreo app.

Coreo is what we would call a ‘shell app’. It contains all the functionality for you to do your surveys, but it’s essentially an empty shell until you install some projects within it. You can load as many projects into Coreo as you need and easily switch between them.

  1. After you have signed into the Coreo app you will see the Get Started screen shown below. Select it. This screen only appears when you have no installed projects.
  1. Coreo will show you the projects available to you in your organisation. Choose the first one you wish to install.
  1. Now select the Install Project button
  1. Once the project has installed, select the Go to project button.
  1. You’ll now be taken to the project’s homescreen where you can start to add records and view any existing data.
  1. The icon centred at the top of the Coreo app indicates which project you have active at any stage.
  1. You can add further projects, or remove existing projects from your Coreo app anytime. Simply select the hamburger icon (top left) to access the Coreo menu.
  1. To add another project, hit the plus (+) icon in the side panel or select the Projects page towards the bottom of the menu.
  1. The Installed/Available pages show you which projects are currently installed and which you have access to. Use the toggle at the top of the page to switch between them.
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