Welcome to Coreo

Coreo is a unique platform that includes all the tools you need to build and manage location-based data collection projects.

Why use Coreo?

If you need to create apps to collect location-based data then Coreo will enable you to do this quickly, efficiently and in a cost effective manner. Coreo also enables you to incorporate media rich reference guides, making it the ideal tool for helping staff make the right decisions in the field and for running citizen science projects. Coreo is also a great data management platform, enabling you to visualise, edit, categorise and export all your data, as well as manage your users.

How does it work?

Coreo comprises:

  • A simple-to-use drag and drop app builder.
  • A user-friendly interface to manage your project’s records and contributors.
  • Secure and unlimited data storage
  • An array of tools that make running a project on any scale effective
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