Importing Existing Pre-Survey Records (Habitat Features) into your UKHab Survey

In this document we’ll take you through how to import existing geometries from your preferred GIS platform into a UKHab survey project for use in your surveys. We will not cover how to export your data in this tutorial. For this tutorial we will be using a shapefile zip as our import.

To begin:

  • Login to the Coreo admin area and select your organisation and the project you wish to import your geometries into.
  • Click on the records tab in the blue column to the left of your screen.
  • Now that you are on the records page it is good practice to double check that you are filtering for the correct record type.
  • For this example the filter is currently on species records, to change this click the blue drop down menu and select ‘UKHab Pre-Survey’. Now when you import your records you will be able to locate them easily.
  • Now click the ‘Import’ button in the upper right, next to the blue ‘Export Data’ button
  • The import records box will open
  • First select UKHab Pre-Survey from the ‘Select Form’ drop down menu
  • Next select the format of the data you wish to import, in this case we’re using a shapefile.
  • Finally select the Choose file button and locate the zipped shapefile you wish to import.
  • Once it is selected, click Next.

Coreo will tell you if there are any obvious issues with your selected shapefile; such as missing files or multiple shapefiles existing within the same file.

  • If your shapefile passes the checks, you will now have the option of mapping certain attributes across on import, for example if you have UKHab level 2 attributes already recorded these can be imported alongside your geometry.
  • In this example we have no additional attributes so simply click the ‘import records’ button.
  • Your records are now being processed, this should not take long. You will be alerted once the processing is complete. Click Close when finished.

Checking your new records

Your records should now have been imported correctly and will be visible and editable in the admin area and in the Coreo App.

  • If the import has been successful your records will be visible in the table beneath the map and on the map itself
  • If your records are missing don’t forget to check your filters (as highlighted earlier)
  • You can zoom to your records location by clicking on a record in the table. You can also access and edit the record in detail by clicking the ‘open new tab’ icon (highlighted below). The icon will become visible if you scroll over a record.
  • You can now edit these records within the admin area and they will also be available in the Coreo app for use in a full UKHab survey as outlined in our guide here.
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