How to edit a UKHab habitat feature in the Coreo Admin Area

A frequently asked question is “Can I edit polygons in the UKHab Survey when I get back to the office?” The answer to this question is “Yes” and there are several places you can do this. In this help document we look at how to do this in the Admin Area.


  • Log in to the Coreo Admin Area – and go to your UKHab project’s Records page
  • Select the record you wish to edit.
  • As shown below, use the New Tab launcher icon to view this record in its own tab.
Choose record
  • Switch to the new tab.
  • Set your base map to Satellite and view the map full screen if you wish.
Record details
  • Click on the polygon line to activate it (put it into edit mode).
Selected record
  • Select relevant nodes by clicking on them, and then reposition as required.
completed record
  • Once you’re happy, save your record by clicking on the Save icon (highlighted in blue below)
Save record


For UKHab projects using v3.1 of the Metric, Coreo dynamically generates two ‘output/results’ files for you every time you submit/save a UKHab Survey record. Because we have just edited one such record, Coreo will now have produced the following two record types again for us:

  • UKHab Survey Results
  • UKHab Condition Assessment

An example of the newly generated UKHab Survey Results record is shown below.

Newly generated record

In the latest version of the UKHab Survey App, your previous Combined Results Output file will be updated/overwritten with the new data, meaning that you do not have duplicate files being generated.

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